Important information regarding Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood Flooring is a 100% natural product and is available in many different species with different colors and characteristics. It is important to consider and be aware of the following:

  1. HARDNESS of the wood is determined by the JANKA SCALE. Red Oak has a hardness of 1260/lbs. per square inch, while Exotic/South-American woods are typically significantly harder. The harder the wood. the more durable it is. STABILITY of the wood is determined on how it will react to changes in temperature and relative humidity. Shrinkage and Expansion can occur if the wood is exposed to drastic changes or extreme conditions both during and after the installation. NOTE: The ideal environment for the hardwood floor as well as for the people living within this environment, is a relative humidity of about 450/0 and a temperature between 60 and 75. The installation of a humidifier should be considered in some cases.

  2. COLOR CHANGE: Almost all woods have the tendency to darken over time. This depends upon the exposure of ultraviolet light, the type of wood species and the type of coating to be applied. Some exotic species may also become more reddish over time. NOTE: Area Rugs should not be placed on a newly finished floor for at least 4-6 weeks.

  3. FLOOR FINISHES (Coatings): There are two basic types of floor finishes:
    • OIL-BASED FINISHES: (Swedish Finish/OU-Based Polyurethane) Swedish Finishes have been used for many years, are inexpensive and durable. Unfortunately they contain formaldehydes and therefore are very toxic. They also will amber and darken over time. NOTE: Homeowners/Occupants should evacuate site for about 2-3 days after a Swedish Finish has been applied!
    • WATER BASED FINISHES: These finishes are H20 based, while they do contain solvents, there are significantly lower levels. These finishes can be applied with the homeowner on site, very low odor. Water-¬based finishes retain more of the color of the natural wood and do not darken over time (UV Protection). NOTE: Curing time for all finishes to full hardness about 2-4 weeks. The curing time depends on the type of finish as well as the temperature and relative humidity. IMPORTANT: Do Not use any liquids, including water to clean the floor during the first 3 weeks. Any and all spills need to be removed immediately. Floor coatings are only resistant to chemicals and water after they are fully cured. '" HOWEVER, even after the finish has fully cured, spills should be removed as soon as possible. The exposure of moisture to the wood, for any length of time, (even if protected by finish) may cause severe problems! '''Be particularly careful during curing tinre to avoid scratches as the finish has not reached its final durability
  4. MAINTENANCE: Basic cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly. Cleaning kits and substances are available from your Hardwood Flooring Professional or local hardware store. You may also use specific re-conditioners to enhance the appearance of your floor and to extend the life span of the finish. (Ask your Hardwood Flooring Professional for details) IMPORTANT: Do not use any cleaning products containing wax!

  5. OTHER: RADIANT HEATING INSTALLATIONS: Solid hardwood flooring can be installed over radiant heat. Special procedures need to be followed. Please consult with your Hardwood Flooring Professional "'Protect your hardwood floor by placing felt pads beneath the legs of movable furniture, (chairs/tables/beds, etc.) to avoid scratches.